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LLC it’s not just one sheet of paper from the Secretary of State. It’s much more than that…and if you DON’T have all the pieces and moving parts, this can cause a major hiccup in your business. There’s a lot you probably don’t know (LLC 411), and unfortunately, sometimes innocent mistakes can end up costing you time, effort, and/or money.

One comment that we repeatedly hear is, “Well, I set up my LLC a year ago, so I am good (rock solid).” Usually, we soon learn that little else has been done since the initial formation. We have found that most believe once they file, that's it...they are done.

So, if you want to avoid disasters and create a legit ‘rock solid' LLC, let's get started!


Avoid Disaster, Mistakes, and Confusion.

An LLC is a disaster waiting to happen! We help you avoid disaster, mistakes, and confusion. Forming an LLC is an exciting time for you, but it’s important to operate your business the right way afterward. Not knowing what you are doing could cause you to lose the benefits under the LLC.

The LLC Check-Up serves as an early detection check. If issues are caught and addressed early, the check-up not only could save you tremendous costs in the long term but also could potentially save your business and your assets!

Incorporation is just the beginning.

You deserve expert guidance and support to clarify, simplify, and accelerate your path to LLC success!

First, let’s check in on where you are in your LLC journey.

  • Uncertain about how to move forward with your LLC?
  • Frustrated because you feel like you are spinning your wheels?
  • Worried a business misstep could cost you time and money?
  • The need for an extra push to get your LLC to the next level?

A closer look at the LLC Check-Up.

The LLC Check-Up is intended to review your LLC's current status to determine if any deficiencies need to be corrected. We will virtually meet for coffee or tea (maybe wine, hey, sometimes it's needed) for approximately 30 mins.


Our customers love us

Check Stefanie out.....FORREAL....! 10 damn minutes on the phone with her, and I had a WHOLE HEADACHE  (a good one) . She will get you right. I have my hands in ALOT so alot of stuff I need reminders on, she makes it easy for you. I'm so grateful

- Valencia (Coaching Client)

I didn't know there was so much more involved with holding with Stefanie calls a Library Card. But she patiently walked me through all the steps I need to fully embrace my LLC.

- Sabrina (Coaching Client)

"If you have been doing this by yourself, you don't know what you're missing. Stefanie will impress you."

- Eboni (Coaching Client)

We typically find that even the third-party may have missed a few steps along the way! In fact, we have uncovered 24 mistakes/traps that LLC owners face all the time over the last 2 years! Many of these mistakes are made by third-party companies, experienced business owners, and very talented people.


  • Not Properly Documenting All Your LLC Activities
  • Not Keeping LLC Compliant
  • Thinking You Have Full Asset Protection
  • Forgetting to Get a Business License
  • Not Electing Proper Tax Status
  • Not Registering with All Government Agencies
  • Not Properly Keeping Records


  • Personal Liability
  • Audits
  • Financial Penalties
  • Suspension or Termination of the Business
  • Imprisonment
  • Loss of Good Standing
  • Damaged Reputation
  • Business Identity Theft
  • Business Credit Denial
  • and more!


What services are available for LLC Formation?

While an LLC Check-Up is generally designed for businesses that have been operational for a while, a start-up business can certainly benefit from our LLC Formation Services. In fact, a startup business has a greater chance of success by seeking professional business advice early on during the start-up phase. Ideally, you’ll meet with us just before business start-up. Inquire about our LLC Formation Services.

How is an LLC Check-Up different from Business Coaching?

Our LLC Check-Up service is a stand-alone service designed to provide you with valuable feedback about your LLC's overall status. The LLC Check-Up outcome will give you actionable strategies that you can implement immediately for business success. 

The LLC Check-Up also forms the basis of our coaching service. It is the first step.

Meet Stefanie

After assisting small businesses with tax preparation and strategy and legal services over the last 10 years, Stefanie began to notice a trend that unsettled her. And recently, with the new SBA programs such as PPP and EIDL.

Year after year, new clients would come to her for tax strategy, and after an extensive review of their LLC, she noticed that entrepreneurs and small business owners were being taken advantage of, and some were not "in good standing." Getting an LLC is more than just someone filling out the paperwork for you. It should be about helping you navigate the benefits and responsibilities of the LLC ("the after").

She intends to correct the many hiccups her clients have been slapped with by giving her clients the LLC 411 to increase their LLC IQ.  So let's get your LLC straight! Get an LLC Check-Up today!

You Got Questions

We Got Answers

With our help:

  • You’ll know exactly which first steps to take to manage and maintain your LLC.
  • You’ll have more clarity on your next steps.
  • You’ll get insights into possible solutions to your challenges.
  • You'll avoid common mistakes biz owners make when running an LLC.

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