WHAT'S THE 411? The Nuts & Bolts!

One big mistake people make when forming an LLC (limited liability company) is to begin without actual knowledge of the ins and's and don'ts.

You may be asking yourself any or all these questions?

  • I got my LLC, now what I am supposed to do next??
  • How do I set up my LLC to reduce my tax burden?
  • How do I create financial statements for my LLC?
  • What common mistakes should I avoid running my LLC?

If you asked yourself any of these questions, then the "LLC 411" Toolbox can help you!

What is a Toolbox? A toolbox is a box to organize and protect the owner's LLC and other bits and pieces. Remarkable secrets for operating your LLC successfully are explained in plain and simple language. No needless business jargon or legal mumbo jumbo, just straight talk!

Click the “I'm Ready to Get the 411” button now (below) to learn how to set up your LLC, reduce your business taxes, and protect your assets for $69!

Here is a quick glance at what is covered in the Toolbox.

  • Type of Protection You Get From Having an LLC
  • Key Obligations to Running Your New LLC
  • How to Manage Taxes for Your LLC
  • How LLCs are Taxed with IRS
  • What Forms You Need to Fill out with the IRS
  • Accounting and bookkeeping of your LLC’s financial transactions
  • Things you need to avoid for the success of your LLC
  • The limitations of an LLC
  • Much More!

Check out our featured tools below!

  • Checklists
  • Activities
  • Action Plans
  • Resource Guides
  • Video Sessions
  • FB Community Group
  • and more!

It's a full-steam-ahead for LLCs, and this hands-on Toolbox addresses everything you need to know and more!

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"It's a great toolbox with excellent content."

- Anita Rumley (Anita Marie Consulting Services)

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- Latoya Johnson (Latoya’s Loan Signing Agent and more)

"Great tips. I thoroughly enjoyed the refresher info and learned some new things about bookkeeping".

— Chanita Williams (She Schools, LLC)


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How much does it cost?

The Toolbox is only $69 (an introductory offer - $50 savings). You will have lifetime access to the tools and tips inside. You will be invited to a special Facebook Group to continue the learning.

Why a Toolbox just for LLC owners?

The LLC business structure is the most popular type of business structure, superseding the corporate entity because it is easy to form and flexible. There are approximately 21.6 million in the U.S. As the number of LLCs rises, the need for guidance, information, and strategy will rise as well - all of which can avoid disaster, mistakes, and confusion. Not to mention lawsuits and government sanctions are on the rise with LLCs - resulting from the owner not knowing how to run one properly.

What is the LLC 411 Toolbox?

The LLC 411 Toolbox is a complete "toolbox" platform where you can find all the resources, tools, and education you need to run a solid LLC.

What are the tools that the LLC 411 has available?

LLC 411 Toolbox is just like it sounds. A "Toolbox" of resources designed to help support your LLC. The "Toolbox" offers videos, audio, and print library.

Why is this Toolbox important to your LLC?

The need for compliance with government requirements only gets more important after forming an LLC. The LLC was often set up in the first place to help protect personal assets and provide tax-deductible benefits for you. Failure to satisfy these ongoing requirements, however, could result in you losing these benefits. The Toolbox helps you prevent stumbling into this particular pitfall.

Since you are often overwhelmed with the multiple facets of your business' day-to-day operating needs, you may not know how to avoid non-compliance and the resulting crippling or fatal business consequences. The Toolbox can help.

What kind of subject matter is covered with the education?

Because the LLC 411 Toolbox is truly a One-Stop-Shop, it has available materials, tools, and products that cover the full spectrum of your LLC needs. We have shortened the learning curve by breaking it down into three major groups:

  • Step 1: Personal Development - You get monthly education to help you build yourself as you learn to be an LLC owner.
  • Step 2: Tax Mastery - You get monthly education to learn various aspects of LLC taxation.
  • Step 3: Technical Implementation - You will get access to a Facebook group where you can continue the conversation, gain "secret" insights, and network with other LLC owners.

Wait, so are you as a legal team?

No! Lawyers define and advise on the law (building LLC rules). We do have a legal/law background. Still, as LLC strategists and compliance specialists, we help you develop controls, policies, procedures, and systems designed to ensure that you stay within the building rules. There is a difference between preventing liability versus preventing fires.

That is, lawyers focus on reducing legal liability, not preventing the stuff that causes liability. That's how lawyering works: lawyers help protect their clients with legal clauses and agreements if things go wrong, but it’s up to the client to actually make things go right or wrong in the first place.

By contrast, We focus on the "make things go right or wrong in the first place" part. This is who we are. Now, are you realizing that you need some tools to make sure your LLC is built right? This is where the Toolbox comes in.

Do you have support?

Yes, we do! Support is essential. We do live webinars and have email and chat support. Please look at the Contact Us section in the Toolbox.